The Most 10 Things That You Know As a Javascript Developer

Nowadays, Javascript is the Most Popular Programming language in the World. So if you want the best javascript developer. you Must know a Cuple of things about Javascript that are very tricky and most important. Today I am gonna talking about that’s 10 things that should you know as a javascript full-time developer. so let’s get started

Table of content:
1. Javascript Event loop
2. prototype in Javascript
3. difference between == and "==="
4. call(), apply() and, bind() methods;
5. recursion in Javascript
6. rest and spread operator
7. event Bubbling in Javascript
8. "!!" operator
9. Prototype in javascript
10. Argument Object in Javascript

Javascript Event Loop

We often hear that JavaScript is a single-threaded programming language, which means it executes all of the lines of the instructions byline in a synchronous manner. Thus since everything works on the main thread, there seems to be no possibility of executing parallel processes in JavaScript.

But now let’s assume that we have a function that is taking some time to execute, for example in the below function which is having a loop over 10k times, the console.log() would be executed once the loop is over and in the meantime, our UI interaction with the browser would be interrupted.

Since we know that Web APIs delegate some of the tasks to different threads, on completion of these tasks, how the main or desired functions are sent to the call stack.

Event Queue is a special queue, which keeps track of all the functions queues, which are needed to be pushed into the call stack. The event queue is responsible for sending new functions to the track for processing. The queue data structure is required to maintain the correct sequence in which all operations should be sent for execution.

prototype in Javascript

The prototype object is a special type of enumerable object to which additional properties can be attached to it which will be shared across all the instances of its the constructor function.

First of all, do not let the word “Prototype” mislead you, unlike a “prototype” in English, the Javascript “prototype” is not a trial version of a new product.
Instead, prototype in JavaScript is simply a word that means absolutely nothing. We can replace the prototype with oranges and it can mean the same thing.

For example, think of Apple — before Apple Computers became popular, you would probably think of an Apple as a piece of fruit that grows on trees. “Apple” in Apple Computers doesn’t have a meaning initially — but it does now.

do you want to know more about the prototype: simply follow the bellow link plz

difference between == and "==="

A very tricky interview question is the difference between == and "==="
As you are thinking simply == “Doble equal” is using for checking is value match also “===” ar checking for is value isMatch. but

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